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im a dad with 2 girls alone ,, my car had a blown head gasket ,.its a 2005 buick ,, the shop wanted 1700 cash to do the work ,i could not pay for that and get my little ones christmas ,, i got the product bears head gasket sealer , i followed the instructions , i called alan aka bear to make sure i was doing it right , he helped me over the phone , guys and girls this man saved christmas for me and my girls ,, thank you thank you thank you !!!!

mr alan we had talked on the phone a few months ago , i order your product in bulk , i must say you should be rich !! you must put this on tv and radio ,, its worked every time ,, im going to help spread the word all over your you tube videos and facebook i hate pulling heads , i make an average 400 per job profit with the bears seal ,, please dont change the formula ,, you have a gold mine !!! ,,

This has been one of the most honest reviews i have seen in years. Not only is BARS completely just duck shit, I too, have suffered the same issue this gentleman had on my "70 Chevy Nova. I also called this man who did the video and he has such an animosity toward these rip off creeps he designed his own product to fix and repair head gasket issues himself. I called him on New Years day to complain about my old 88 Ford Thunderbird with a similar issue of the heating system. Not only did he come up with a solution to my problem, he told me of many options I could do to solve my issue in multiple choice. There are very few honest mechanics in this world. This gentleman is one.

My trans am was running rough at idle steam and water coming out the tailpipe water in oil and exhaust smell in rad and high pressure in cooling system. I ordered bears tru blu, followed the directions, pulled the thermostat and put the product in. Started the engine and in one hour minutes no steam or rough idle. Took for a half hour drive at hwy speed and let cool for an hour and did the same drive again.

Ended leaving in the engine for two weeks before putting the thermostat back in and flushing and filling with the antifreeze. They said to use truck is running great engine light off. That is telling me that no water or anti freeze passing the oxy sensor in the exhaust, no water loss at all. The stuff works. Tried other stuff no luck. If you think you have a crack or head gasket problem give it a try. What you got to lose?

I was noticing white smoke and my tachometer was fluctuating when I would start my 2004 Chevy truck back in 2016. Went to see my mechanic and he told me a head gasket to do it right it's gonna cost about $1600. Bought the bear product cleaned my radiator and changed my oil. Followed the directions with 189,000 miles and til today 0 with 99,512 miles still running good. Thank you ,, the bear product works , i even love the bottle

houston tx-- I love this stuff! , it saved me thousands of dollars. I have a 1997 Camry and it's held up for almost 4 months now. If it does not work for you, then you don't know how to follow directions. User error is not bears tru blues fault. it did me justice !!

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